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It is a place of services and solutions that makes running your business easier. It gives you complete control over your costs, order management and budget settings for every single one of your employees.

How can it help you?

With the help of a private e-shop, you can buy consumer goods easily. You can choose from a wide range of PPE products, tools, instruments, sanitary products, bearings and other transmission components. By breaking down expenses on to cost centres with different levels of approval and statistics, you have the material procurement process under control.

Our solutions- Packaging and Spare Parts Package will make your logistics more effective.
The system will warn you about the upcoming necessary purchase of PPE according to the norm, or the necessary service on the machine. This comes with a service logbook to keep the records of your machine in one place.

With the SafetyStock managed consignment warehouse you get a complex service. Within the service we cover all the responsibilities: we monitor the level of stock online and, in the event of a drop below the set optimum, we automatically restock your goods.

With the vibrodiagnostics service, you prevent unexpected machine downtime and production downtime. The system will alert you with a simple traffic light after the measurements if you are in danger of an unplanned production shutdown. Vibrodiagnostic service is shifting the maintenance process from preventive to predictive.

Complaints, whether they are qualitative, or you need to exchange the goods for another size, you solve in B2B portal easily and you have them under control. Using a simple form, you register your request on which we start working immediately.

In DEXIS B2B portal, you have all this information clearly and in one place accessible anytime and anywhere.

DEXIS B2B portal – it’s good to keep things under control.

Advantages of using the DEXIS B2B portal

  • Full control over order management system.
  • Guarding budget costs up to the employee.
  • Fast web interface available everywhere.
  • Manage package orders for employees.
  • Delivery of goods directly to the employee’s address and to various locations within Slovakia.
  • Managed consignment warehouse with automatic material restocks.
  • Quick complaints and exchange of goods.
  • Control and monitoring of costs for individual warehouses departments through statistics.
  • Clear records of vibrodiagnostic measurements.

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