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Do you want to be sure that your equipment and production lines will run smoothly and prevent unexpected downtime? Monitoring the condition of equipment is an important part of the work of maintenance teams. Our experienced team will help you define critical points and monitor the status of production lines. In this way, you will prevent their unexpected outages and the resulting losses.

Vibrodiagnostics from us will help you use your machines and equipment more efficiently, reducing operating costs and unplanned downtime. Get started with vibrodiagnostics, a system of modern predictive and proactive maintenance.

We offer you walking devices from SKF, as well as the services of our certified vibrodiagnostic based on regular measurements with a walking device with an output protocol and an analysis of the condition of your equipment according to the ISO standard.

We will custom design and apply online solutions from SKF or DMS to your key equipment, with which your machines will be continuously monitored. In addition to vibration and temperature, our online systems can continuously monitor the oil quality of your machinery.

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  • In addition to vibration diagnostics, we can also help with the maintenance itself
  • We are a certified CMP partner of SKF
  • We use certified tools and equipment for maintenance
  • We will provide supervision and replacement of bearings
  • Training courses
  • Repairs of machines, machining spindles and other rotating parts of equipment.

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