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Why work for DEXIS?

  1. With us, you’re part of the multinational Descours & Cabaud group. Your career is not limited to Slovakia.
  2. You won’t be just one of many. We expect our people to use their unconventional thinking and creativity to move our company forward.
  3. We let you fully develop your potential. We’re looking for new colleagues who will bring new ideas and suggestions to improve customer service and solutions we can offer to our customers. Your ambitions and goals will be rewarded not just with a salary, but other benefits too.
  4. Our management is founded on trust in our people. You have our trust and support.
  5. Customers can buy products anywhere, but only we offer a team of experts working together to benefit customers while providing unique solutions and services. Our slogan says it all – “GET BETTER SERVICE”.

Current offer


Become a professional partner for our customers, someone who understands the needs of the client and offers the right combination of our products, services and solutions. You can work out of Slovakia or the Czech Republic. Please indicate the region you are interested in when you send your CV. More information at [email protected]

Achieve your goals in these positions:

  • Sales representative
  • Manager of strategic customers
  • Product manager
  • Customer centre
  • Sales in service centres

Purchasing and Logistics

The right purchase, timely made, is the fundamental step toward ensuring our customers are receiving quality products. That is why we need buyers who are dynamic, have a good command of English and who don’t take no for an answer. None of the rest is possible without good purchasing. Effective warehouse and freight logistics form the second pillar of fast delivery of orders to our clients. More information at [email protected]

Achieve your goals in these positions:

  • Purchaser
  • Logistics clerk
  • Warehouse worker

Finance, Marketing, IT, Operations, HR

With the confidence of knowing they are backed up by the highly skilled staff in marketing, finance, IT, quality, operations, and human resources, our sales teams do great work and deal with the day to day requests of customers to their utmost satisfaction. Join our specialists at our headquarters in Vráble, whether your heart’s desire is to work in marketing, finance, IT, operations or human resources. We’ll give you the opportunity for professional growth in more than one country. More information at [email protected]

Agreement-based Work

We have agreement-based jobs available, particularly restocking our SafetyBox vending machines. We would welcome agreement-based employees especially from these areas: Oravská Jasenica, Košice and Rožňava.

For more information, write to:  [email protected]

Bachelor’s Theses and Internships

Looking for help with your thesis?

If you are, look no further and fill out  our form. Once you have completely filled it out, send it to [email protected]. We’ll give you the opportunity to consult your thesis with our experts.

Are you looking for a company for your mandatory university work experience?
If you are, look no further and fill out our form. Once you have completely filled it out, send it to [email protected]. We evaluate every application individually and you’ll be invited for an introductory interview.

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