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You’re in complete control with the B2B DEXIS e-portal

We’ll give you complete control of your costs, order management and budgeting right down to any given employee. Everything is crystal clear and you have absolute control of costs and ordered supplies. It’s also fast and effective, a must for today’s modern method of goods distribution. The DEXIS e-portal is suited for products such as personal protective equipment and other consumables needed in production facilities. The B2B DEXIS e-portal provides a solution for matters of order personalisation and for allocating ordered supplies directly to the given employee. This web interface offers employees the ability to order supplies, but final order approval and adjustments are authorised by the responsible person; all information about transactions is stored for traceability.

Benefits of using the Portal

  • Complete control of order management
  • Monitor budgeting costs per employee
  • Speedy web interface accessible everywhere
  • Manage package orders by employee name
  • Check our available inventory
  • Quick processing of returns
  • Goods delivered in the employee’s name
  • Monitor and track costs and warehouse centres through statistics
  • Goods can be delivered to various locations across Slovakia

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